Welcome to Pirate Jonny’s.  This is where you will find us when we aren’t at a festival or sailing the high seas! Yarrr!

Pirate Jonny’s Caribbean Barbecue Rubs, Sauces and Seasonings

Pirate Jonny’s Caribbean Barbecue Rubs, Sauces and  Seasoning blends are derived from the geographical maritime region of the Caribbean Sea. Our Rubs offer a touch of the classic barbecue dry rubs, combined with the flavors of the Caribbean. Our seasonings are not like anything you have had before. It’s all flavor and all natural, without the excessive amounts of salt and sugar typically found in seasonings. Need a little cooking inspiration? Find meal ideas on our recipes page, where we share our favorite barbecue recipes and feature recipes from fans.

Our products are made fresh by true Sailors from Florida who love to cook, eat, and love to BBQ and Grill. They’re perfect after a long day of fishing, hunting, boating and sailing, when the hunger is raging and the taste bud crew needs to be spoken to & satisfied! Yarrrr!

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